The companies aim is to make available educational packages devised by Altered Attitudes Ltd to wider groups and organisations working with young people.  The products developed by the company cover a wide range of related issues experienced by young people in society today such as problem solving, social skills, drugs and alcohol, cyber bullying, sexual health, and the gang culture.

Altered Attitudes Ltd believes that the changes that have taken place within western society over the last 40 years have taken away many of the mentoring and social learning elements that used to be available for young people going through the transition of childhood into adulthood.

The products are designed to be easy to understand and informative giving young people the opportunity to explore their emotional range in a safe environment.  These products can be delievered either by Altered Attitudes Ltd staff or by practitioners following training by the company.  The programmes are written in a way that makes delievery straight forward and requiring the minimum of training.