Dan's Story

This is short film by a young person called Dan who completed the Kool It! Programme after becoming involved in criminal behaviour. 


"Kool It!" comprises of four sessions:

1. Theory

2. Drama session

"Kool It!" Drama session



3. Return to theory

In this session the group learn about assertiveness and the difference between assertiveness, aggression and resentment. Using easy to understand language they learn with Sam how to recognise the signals and cues that tell them they are getting angry. This critical piece of learning is emphasised by easy to follow exercises from the workbook. They also consider the triggers to their changing emotions and make the link between their emotions and their values, beliefs and goals which were explored in the theory and practical lessons in sessions one and two. Finally, Sam takes the group through an easy to remember and effective anger management technique. Exercises in the workbook then provide the group with an opportunity to practise these new found skills including developing their own empathy.

4. Back to drama

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