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"As a result of the material we consider that the yong people have gained a better understanding of their emotions and likely reactions to given situations. We have also found the transcript to be appropriate and the key words are used and understood in their context. The drama opporunities within the programme allow the students to gain a better understanding of their own feelings and anger management and many, but not all, of the young people participated to a greater extent than we woud have expected." - Mr Bayly Head Teacher at Riversides School on Kool It!

"Very good, very interesting" - Youth Offending Service Officer on Kool It!

"Very thorough and interesting. A good programme." - Youth Worker on Kool It!

"I think it is a brilliant programme - I was inspired."

"Spot on, I enjoyed it all."


"We are delighted with Kool It! Junior. It is innovative and engaging. There has been a significant reduction in aggressive behaviour by those pupils that have completed the programme." - Mr Smyllie, St Columba's Catholic Primary School

Changing attitudes, changing lives